Chem-X® Pro

A single component multi-purpose, hybrid polymer, adhesive/sealant, designed to bond to a variety of substrates that are commonly found in manufacturing.

How many adhesives does it take to get the job done?

Engineered for long-term durability, TREMPRO Chem-X Pro protects against air and water penetration at critical connections such as roofing, panel seams, sub-floors, wall systems & glazing windows. Utilize an adhesive with superior green strength to get the job done ahead of schedule.

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Features & Benefits

TREMPRO Chem-X Pro represents advancements in adhesive/sealant technology. It is solvent and isocyanate free, exhibits excellent weather resistance, and has both adhesive and sealant capabilities.
Extremely strong bonding with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
Can be applied in low temperatures or in adverse weather conditions
Low VOC and solvent-free for virtually no odor