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High-Performance UL Rated Fire Systems

Tremco's firestopping products are designed and engineered as integral components to critical high-performance UL rated systems. Our TREMstop line of fire protection products feature sealants, intumescents, devices and forming material to properly seal these joints and penetrations, helping to ensure the performance of the fire-rated system. 

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Engineering Judgments for Your Project

The extensive experience of our staff, from building codes through installation, enables engineering judgments for specific applications to be provided generally within 48 hours. To submit an engineering judgment request, click here

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Selecting the right Firestopping for your project

On-site conditions may vary, presenting challenges on the job. Tremco's technical field representatives can work with installers to provide an appropriate solution or work with your local sales representative for assistance on submittal packages or general firestopping or installation training.

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