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Testing that Pushes the Envelope

At our own Sustainable Building Solutions Test Facility, Proglaze ETA was pushed to failure during an ASTM E331 test and experience no leakage despite 15 minutes' exposure at 2000 Pa or a 130 mph wind and 41.8 psf.

Click on the image to the right to see how ETA solved the challenges of the Parkland Hospital project in Dallas, TX.

Spectrem Simple Seal vs. Traditional Tear Out & Re-Caulk

Watch this video as we put Tom from Kapton Caulking & Building Restoration to the test. We built two store front assemblies and ask Tom to repair both, one using Spectrem Simple Seal and the other assembly using a traditional tear out and re-caulk approach. The result, Spectrem Simple Seal's repair time was 18% quicker than the traditional method. 

Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital

San Diego, CA

Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital

The new state-of-the-art Naval Hospital Replacement Project at Camp Pendleton needed to be in tune with California's seismic safety standards and strongly consider patient vulnerability.

St. Louis Emergency Center

Ballwin, Missouri

St. Louis Emergency Center

In today’s world, mission critical facilities not only need to withstand Mother Nature’s worst, but they need to provide protection from terrorist attacks as well.

Parkland Hospital

Dallas, TX

Parkland Hospital

Attention to detail needed to contribute to enhanced patient outcomes.

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Selecting the right Transition Assembly for your project

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