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Willseal’s best-in-class pre-compressed and acrylic-impregnated foam products for horizontal and vertical joint applications.

Willseal is a Tremco Construction Products Group affiliate brand.

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About Willseal

There are excellent reasons that Willseal—the original brand of pre-compressed joint sealants—constantly raises industry standards, while continuing to capture greater market share around the globe.

Willseal products have been specified and successfully installed on thousands of diverse construction projects worldwide.

Willseal is committed to bringing intelligent solutions to our customers, using technology-driven design to create superior sealant systems.

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Willseal Quality

Willseal products meet DIN 18542, the world’s most demanding standard, specifically for pre-compressed sealants. This means they meet or exceed requirements for such important criteria as UV stability, moisture resistance, minimum fire rating, and sound attenuation. 

Superior Construction

Willseal products are solid sealants with a uniform core; no unbonded lamination, and no cheap filler foams.

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Willseal Innovation

Few other structural secondary building components carry such a heavy safety load, but Willseal products are up to the task; built for extreme performance through innovative design and materials. 

Exceptional Life Safety

Just about any product installed in a new structure can pass a safety test, but what about three years later? Traffic and other friction can wear silicone seals off the outer layer of lesser products, exposing the foam and allowing smoke through. Willseal fire-rated systems offer a first-in-class smoke barrier impregnated into the foam, so they don’t need such intumescent outer sealants. Willseal design provides superior security and viable escape time.

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Willseal Sustainability

Willseal is a company firmly committed to environmental stewardship. Willseal products contain no volatile organic content (VOC), satisfying the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED™ Criteria for Indoor Environmental Quality.