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Get a GRIP on your next construction job

TREMGrip's quick tack adhesive is a second set of hands you can count on for a variety of applications on a number of substrates, limiting extra steps and allowing rapid installation.

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Selecting the Sealants for Your Project

It's important to select the right sealant that meets your application or substrate needs. Use our sealant selector guide to help guide you when making a decision for what you need.

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Sealant Colors

Careful attention should be given to selecting an appropriate sealant color on any joint sealant project. A custom color, matched to the existing color of the substrate or the existing joint sealant, may create more desirable aesthetics. Many of our multi-component sealants use a separate Color Pak along with a separate curative container.

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Sealant Adhesion & Compatibility

The majority of common construction substrates are compatible with most Tremco sealants, however, we recommend that you check before proceeding, as primers or special preparation may be required. When detailing your connections, looks for products with the right permeance, consider UV exposure and always consider the compatibility with your other products.

Cleveland State University

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland State University

At 21 stories high, the James A.

WakeMed North Hospital

Raleigh, North Carolina

WakeMed North Hospital

Read how Spectrem 1 and Spectrem 2 silicone sealants were utlized at the fenestrations, louvers and metal panels on WakeMed North Healthplex in Raleigh, North Carolina, now a full-service hospital with a 131,000-square-foot expansion and an 8,550-square-foot central energy plant being added to an existing 109,250-square-foot complex.

St. Louis Emergency Center

Ballwin, Missouri

St. Louis Emergency Center

In today’s world, mission critical facilities not only need to withstand Mother Nature’s worst, but they need to provide protection from terrorist attacks as well.

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Selecting the right Sealant for your project

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