• Easy Window-to-Wall Connections with Proglaze® ETA
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Proglaze® ETA

Engineered Transition Assembly

Proglaze® ETA is a pre-engineered silicone materials used as a transition assembly between the window or wall system and adjacent air and vapor barrier materials. The assembly is comprised of a flat single or double ribbed silicone extrusion of varying widths, which is adhered to the building façade with Spectrem® 1 Silicone Sealant to ensure a durable connection and positive seal. 

Basic Uses
  • Proglaze ETA is applied as an air and vapor barrier transition assembly for connecting continuously between the window and/or wall openings and the adjacent air and vapor barrier materials.
  • It can be used to span and seal across irregular window geometries.
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Product Details, Safety, and Installation
  • Why would I use Tremco Proglaze ETA in lieu of a typical sealant bead?

    In many cavity wall-to-window and air barrier-to-window applications, window framing design and wall construction present many challenges associated with effective connection of these systems with a conventional sealant bead.  Bond line surface areas, incompatibility of components, adhesion between products and ultimate movement capability are all concerns.  Proglaze ETA addresses all of these concerns thereby minimizing long-term risk and ensuring designed performance requirements.  Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative for your job-specific requirements.

  • Can Proglaze ETA be used for vinyl window (residential) applications?

    Proglaze ETA was not designed for these types of windows.  Tremco would be happy to review your specific project requirements and assist in developing a solution to address this connectivity for your application.  Contact the Design Engineering Group in Ashland, Ohio at 800-321-6357 for assistance.

  • Can the window or wall manufacturer get a custom-designed Proglaze ETA for their system?

    Non-standard corners may be designed but will have longer lead times and minimum production quantities.  The cost for tooling can be over $10,000, so custom designs will be addressed as needed. In designing the standard systems, Tremco has tried to anticipate several common job issues that can be addressed through slight modification or adaptation of standard parts.  Contact the Design Engineering Group in Ashland, Ohio at 800-321-6357 for job-specific requirements and recommendations.

  • Can Tremco assist me in selecting the proper Proglaze ETA system for my specific application?

    Given the many possible variables associated with selection and use of Proglaze ETA, the Design Engineering Group in Ashland, Ohio (800-321-6357) should be contacted for assistance.  Please provide shop drawings and the design group will work with you to develop an appropriate Proglaze ETA solution for your specific project.

  • Does Tremco offer a variety of Proglaze ETA systems to accommodate various window systems and offset facades. If so, how many Proglaze ETA systems are there?

    Tremco offers a variety of ETA systems to address variations in window design and placement on the building facade.  There are three standard Proglaze ETA systems.  These can be viewed through website links for application details.  The standard Proglaze ETA systems are as follows:

    System 1 – 6” wide extrusion (requires Extruded Aluminum Adaptor)

    System 2
     – 6” wide extrusion with off-set dart (requires Extruded Aluminum Adaptor)

    System 3
     – 8” wide extrusion developed for Pressure Bar Systems (does not require Extruded Aluminum Adaptor)

  • At the sill plate, some window systems are designed with weep holes. Would the Proglaze ETA possibly channel water in the wrong direction at that point?

    Weeps need to be kept open to prevent accumulation of water in the system.  The original Proglaze ETA System 1 is applied at what some would call the wet-line. This is where the primary seal connects the window and/or wall frame to the façade covered with the air barrier product. Proglaze ETA System 2, with off-set dart design, has the ability to seal the outer surface of the window and/or wall system from the cavity. This would then prevent any water from penetrating any metal-to-metal joinery not properly sealed. It would also prevent water from entering the glazing pocket and penetrating around improperly sealed metal-to-metal joinery.

  • How are Proglaze ETA corners properly shingled/flashed?

    Proglaze ETA corners are flashed by trimming the silicone extrusion's dart back approximately 1" (2.54cm) to allow for overlapping or proper shingling at the molded corner.  Reference the installation instructions for detailed, specific information on creating this transition.

  • Is Proglaze ETA compatible with other air barrier manufacturers' products?

    Proglaze ETA has been installed successfully with other air barrier manufacturers' products.  Tremco will not be able to offer the 5-year air-and-moisture connection performance warranty in this case, however, as it is only available when Proglaze ETA is used in conjunction with Tremco's ExoAir Air Barrier Systems.  The 5-year connection warrants that air or water shall not pass through the Proglaze ETA system as long as the system has been installed consistent with Tremco's installation instructions.

  • Proglaze ETA is manufactured from transluscent silicone. Is Proglaze ETA available in custom colors?

    Yes, Tremco Proglaze ETA can be extruded in colors other than the standard transluscent sheet.  ETA is extruded from transluscent silicone in order to provide on-site quality control measures as effective and continuous wet out of the sheet onto the perimeter substrate using Tremco Spectrem 1 silicone sealant can be monitored.  Use of a pigmented silicone would negate this QC opportunity. For custom color inquiries please contact Tremco's Customer Service in Ashland, Ohio at 1-800-321-6357.

  • If a standard Proglaze ETA system is not feasible for my application, can a custom system be developed to meet my requirements?

    Yes.  Please provide shop drawings for the design group's review.

  • Can a Proglaze ETA System be used with stucco and/or EIFS systems?

    Yes.  Proglaze ETA has passed industry-standard air and water performance testing when installed under a stucco façade.  Additionally, the Proglaze ETA system was specified and installed during the refurbishment of our corporate headquarters building in Beachwood, Ohio in conjunction with an EIFS system.

  • Can components included in the Proglaze ETA systems be purchased individually such as the molded corners or lineals?

    If individual Proglaze ETA components are needed, contact Tremco's Customer Service in Ashland Ohio at 1-800-321-6357 for assistance.

  • If the Proglaze ETA gland or corners are inadvertently cut or torn during installation or while in service, can it be repaired?

    If Proglaze ETA is accidentally torn or cut while being installed or while in service, it can be easily repaired.  The process for repairing the ETA gland is detailed out in our installation instructions.  For additional assistance, contact the Design Engineering Group in Ashland at 800-321-6357.

  • How does the Proglaze ETA System 1 & 2 metal adaptor work on non-mitered wall/window systems?

    The metal adaptor allows the Proglaze ETA System 1 or System 2 silicone rubber extrusion to cross over open-ended mullions. This is detailed in our installation instructions. The mechanical fasteners only need to be placed every 12 inches on center. This allows the metal adaptor to span a good distance before it needs to be mechanically supported and should easily span across the open-ended mullion. Many wall systems do apply a metal end cap to allow the caulker to seal the open end of the mullion. By using the metal adaptor, they may not need to apply this end cap.It is up to the wall/window manufacturer, though, to make this decision since they may need to seal their metal for proper water drainage management.

  • How is the Proglaze ETA System installed around anchors, support shims and other window opening obstructions?

    Proglaze ETA System 1 & 2 metal adaptors must not interfere with these supports. It is important that the window and/or wall manufacturer review these conditions with the installer and approve the location of Proglaze ETA and its connection with their window system. To avoid interference with shims and/or anchors, Proglaze ETA System 3 or ribbed silicone sheets may be a better choice.  Contact the Design Engineering Group in Ashland, Ohio at 800-321-6357 for assistance with a project review and job specific concerns and recommendations.

  • What sizes are the Proglaze ETA gland currently available in and will other sizes be added to the existing offering?

    We occasionally add different sizes and shapes to our standard offering of Proglaze ETA parts.  We currently offer 3”, 4”, 6”, and 8” (76, 102, 152 and 203mm) gland extrusions.

  • Are other types of Proglaze ETA molded corners and extrusions available?

    Yes.  These components are referred to as Proglaze ETA Connections.  We have 3D molded corners for inside and outside corners of the wall system in addition to  translucent silicone extrusions in various widths.  These additional components extend the installation capabilities for other complex connections.  Contact Design Engineering in Ashland, Ohio at 800-321-6357 for recommendations as to which materials will best suit the needs of your specific project.

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