TUFF-N-DRI® Barrier Board

Rigid Fiberglass Insulation Drainage Board

TUFF-N-DRI® Barrier Board is designed for use with TUFF-N-DRI waterproofing membranes. The unique proven fiberglass design promotes efficient water drainage and the retention of the board’s R-value. Barrier Board acts as a protection course for TUFF-N-DRI waterproofing membranes. 

The ability to quick set TUFF-N-DRI boards into curing TUFF-N-DRI membranes allows for same day, efficient installation of a drainage.

Basic Uses
  • TUFF-N-DRI Barrier Board is installed in vertical applications, where TUFF-N-DRI has been applied to typical applications such as foundation walls.
  • Barrier Board protects the waterproofing membrane, channels water to the drainage system and insulates foundation walls.
Product Details, Safety, and Installation