Bentonite Waterstop Material

Superstop is a composite waterstop containing expandable, granular bentonite. One edge is layered with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Basic Uses
  • Superstop is used for sealing cold joints in concrete and to prevent water migration through construction joints below grade.
  • Properly installed under compaction, Superstop will stop the passage of water through a static cold joint or between two abutting impermeable surfaces.
  • Superstop is also available in saltwater grade for use in approved brackish water conditions.
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Product Details, Safety, and Installation
  • What product is recommended for cold joints and how does the keyway have to look before placement. How close to the exterior of the wall should this product be placed?

    Tremco recommends SuperStop as a waterstop for sealing cold joints. The best placement for Superstop is 2” (50mm) inboard from the exterior side of the wall assembly and immediately prior to the rebar caging. If placing in a keyway, it must be  clean, smooth and continuous such that the SuperStop may be applied flat and have good contact with the footer or wall.