Flashing System (PUMA)

Quick-Cure, Liquid Applied Flashing based on PUMA technology

TREMproof® PUMA Flashing System is a quick-cure, liquid-applied system based on PUMA technology. This system cures within 30 minutes, even in temperature below freezing, and has tenacious adhesion to concrete and metal. TREMproof PUMA Flashing System is composed of a primer (Tremco PUMA Primer) and a UV stable base coat (Tremco PUMA Flashing). A top coat (Tremco PUMA TC) can be used when needed for aesthetic reasons. All system components are cured using Tremco PUMA Initiator.

Basic Uses
  • TREMproof PUMA Flashing System is a cold-applied flashing system designed for waterproofing penetrations, concrete slabs, and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage.
  • Additionally, the system will protect the concrete from the damaging effects of chloride, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and anti-freeze.
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Product Details, Safety, and Installation