TREMproof® Dual Waterproofing System (DWS)

TREMproof TRA Sheeting Embedded in TREMproof 250GC

TREMproof® Dual Waterproofing System (DWS) is a dual membrane waterproofing system comprised of TREMproof TRA sheeting embedded into TREMproof 250GC. This unique waterproofing system is designed to have tenacious adhesion, long term durability, and remarkable chemical stability. The elastomeric properties of the system’s components enable the complete assembly to withstand the most demanding waterproofing needs.

Basic Uses
  • The TREMproof Dual Waterproofing System (DWS) is designed to withstand the most rigorous waterproofing conditions.
  • This system can be used to waterproof plaza decks, terraces, backfilled walls, planters, split slabs, and anywhere else where the ultimate in waterproofing protection is required.
Product Details, Safety, and Installation