Vulkem 350FC/950NF/950NF

Vehicular Coating System – Fast Cure/Low Odor

Vulkem® 350FC/950NF/950NF is a two-component, polyurethane traffic deck coating system composed of a base coat (350FC), heavy duty intermediate coat (950NF) and a top coat (950NF). This unique waterproofing system is designed to have tenacious adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance along with remarkable chemical stability. The elastomeric properties of the system’s components enable the complete assembly to give and work with the concrete slab, bridging the shrinkage cracks.

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Basic Uses
  • Vulkem 350FC/950NF/950NF is a cold-applied traffic deck coating system designed for waterproofing concrete slabs and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage. Additionally, the system will protect the concrete from the damaging effects of water, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and anti-freeze.
Product Details, Safety, and Installation