Vulkem Hybrid Systems (PUMA/Polyurethane)

Vulkem Hybrid Traffic Coating Systems are high-performance vehicular systems integrating chemistries to defend against the most challenging applications.

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Basic Uses
  • Tremco addresses customer needs for longer-wearing systems capable of withstanding the harshest conditions in parking structures.
  • Vulkem Hybrid Systems incorporate Vulkem EWS for extreme-wear areas such as helical turns, ramps and ticket spitters with Vulkem Polyurethane Vehicular Systems for drive lanes and parking stalls.
Product Details, Safety, and Installation
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I use solvents with PUMA technology?

    No. Traditional constructions solvents such as xylene, mineral spirits, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, etc cannot be used with PUMA Technology. All cleaning of tools and coating must be done with Tremco PUMA Cleaner.

  • Is the odor emitted by PUMA Technology harmful?

    No. Tremco PUMA components contain both polyurethane methacrylate and methyl methacrylate. While these ingredients carry a distinct odor, neither are harmful. In fact, the chemical makeup is almost identical to acrylics used in nail salons.

  • What is the minimum temperature for application and curing of PUMA Technology?

    PUMA Technology can be applied down to 20 °F/ -7 °C.

  • How long between coats do I have to wait during the application of PUMA Technology?

    Each layer of all PUMA technology systems cure in 30-45 minutes and the next coat can be applied at that time. In fact, they can be opened up to traffic one hour after installation is complete.

Slate Gray
This guide only offers a general representation of our color offering. Colors viewed on a computer screen or printed will vary and will never be an exact representation of the actual pigment. When matching is critical, please refer to our color card, sample color strips or contact your local Tremco sales or customer service representative.
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