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Flashing System (PUMA)

Quick-Cure, Liquid Applied Flashing based on PUMA technology

TREMproof® PUMA Flashing System is a quick-cure, liquid-applied system based on PUMA technology. This system cures within 30 minutes, even in temperature below freezing, and has tenacious adhesion to concrete and metal. TREMproof PUMA Flashing System is composed of a primer (Tremco PUMA Primer) and a UV stable base coat (Tremco PUMA Flashing). A top coat (Tremco PUMA TC) can be used when needed for aesthetic reasons. All system components are cured using Tremco PUMA Initiator+.

Basic Uses
  • TREMproof PUMA Flashing System is a cold-applied flashing system designed for waterproofing penetrations, concrete slabs, and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage.
  • Additionally, the system will protect the concrete from the damaging effects of chloride, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and anti-freeze.
  • Suitable for use with TREMproof 6100
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Product Details, Safety, and Installation
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can you use PUMA Technology?

    PUMA technology can be used in both traffic coating (Vulkem EWS) and below grade (TREMproof PUMA) applications.

  • What application conditions must the concrete adhere to before coating with Vulkem EWS or TREMproof PUMA?

    Concrete shall be water cured and attain a 4000 PSI minimum compressive strength for vehicular or heavy duty traffic and 3000 PSI minimum for pedestrian, buried or non-traffic bearing systems. All concrete shall be shotblast to a ICRI CSP #3-#4 finish. Moisture content in the concrete must be lower than 6% as measured using a Tramex CME 4 Moisture Meter. Depending on concrete construction and job site location, additional concrete testing may be required. Please contact your local Tremco Sales or Technical Representative.

  • How long between coats do I have to wait during the application of Vulkem EWS or TREMproof PUMA?

    Each layer of all PUMA technology systems cure in 30-45 minutes and the next coat can be applied at that time. In fact, they can be opened up to traffic one hour after installation is complete. Please contact your local Tremco Sales or Technical Representative when choosing the appropriate system for your application.

Slate Gray
This guide only offers a general representation of our color offering. Colors viewed on a computer screen or printed will vary and will never be an exact representation of the actual pigment. When matching is critical, please refer to our color card, sample color strips or contact your local Tremco sales or customer service representative.
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