Willseal® WJS

Willseal Wing Joint System Thermoplastic Gland and Willcrete Nosing Accessory

Willseal® WJS is a waterproof expansion joint system that combines an elastoprene rubber seal with Willseal®, an impact absorbing elastomeric concrete, to create a continuous seal with concrete decks. Willseal® WJS glands can be supplied in continuous sizes and lengths to assure a continuous seal in any deck-to-deck or deck-to-wall applications. The Willseal® Wing Joint System creates a high-performance monolithic sealing system that will prevent water intrusion. The extended movement capability provided by Willseal® WJS accommodates joint openings that become larger due to long-term shrinkage and creep.

Basic Uses
  • Willseal® WJS is designed for sealing traffic bearing expansion joint openings in parking structures, stadiums, plaza decks, and other open-air structures that require a watertight seal.
Product Details, Safety, and Installation