Willseal FR-V

Pre-Compressed Fire Rated Vertical Expansion Seal

Willseal® FR-V is a fire-rated, pre-compressed, watertight, UV stable foam, with an integral smoke barrier within the foam body, sound-attenuating expansion joint with a pre-cured, factory-applied sealant applied to the face. FR-V is comprised of a fire-retardant impregnated foam designed to be used in vertical expansion joints by itself, but it can also be used behind any other expansion joint cover, plate or filler where joint depth allows.

Basic Uses
  • Vertical fire-rated expansion joint systems
  • Primary construction joints
  • Expansion, control, and isolation joints
  • Retrofit & seismic joints
  • Joints requiring a resilient, waterproof seal
  • Larger joints requiring an architectural finish
Product Details, Safety, and Installation