Peter P. Poirier, Technical Director

Peter Poirier is Technical Director of the Building Enclosure Group. He has been with Tremco for 36 years, starting out as a design engineer. After two years, he became manager of the Design Engineering Group and also served in a dual role as product/marketing manager for Glazing Products where he was instrumental in the development of an AIA-accredited, online architectural training program covering Commercial Glazing Terminology and Systems.

During his career, he has worked with major window and wall manufacturers to design custom systems for glazing components, which include sealants, gaskets and tapes, for some of the most monumental projects around the world including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur City Center in Malaysia, and the Hong Kong Airport in China.

Currently, his role has expanded to include the design of systems to ensure continuity of the building envelope from foundation to the roof, including below-grade waterproofing systems, air barrier systems, glazing systems, firestopping, weather-sealing and all connectivity points to control air and moisture infiltration.

Peter is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.


Contact Information

Cell: 419-606-9430