Glazing Solutions Group

The Tremco Glazing Solutions Group is here to help answer, discuss and recommend glazing materials for your window and wall applications.

Tremco is the only manufacturer who can supply the sealants, foam tapes, butyl tapes and gaskets for your total glazing system. This benefit ensures total compatibility with a single-source responsibility. These products can then be tied together with Tremco's perimeter sealants, below-grade waterproofing, and roofing products to give the contractor or building owner a complete weatherproof warranty.

We are currently using AutoCAD 2018 to create glazing details - please send us your needs. To help make your inquiry easier, you may contact us directly at the following locations below. 

Ashland Rubber Extrusion Group:
Tremco Incorporated
1451 Jacobson Avenue
Ashland, OH 44805

Toronto Group:
Tremco Ltd.
220 Wicksteed Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1G7

Tremco can provide a gasket quotation from a sketch, actual sample and/or a gasket die drawing. We can design new profiles or provide metal design recommendations to allow you to utilize one or more of our 12,000 existing profiles.

Brian Gagne is responsible for reviewing all structural glazing profiles utilizing Tremco structural silicone sealants. You may want to contact Brian to confirm sample sizes and time requirements for testing.

For questions on dry glazing, contact our design engineer Eric Tango.