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Over the years, windows have become larger, higher-performing glass is available and performance standards have increased, placing a greater demand on the glazing materials used to seal and support the glass.

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Tremco's Own Insulating Glass Lab

The RW team implemented their own insulating glass lab which includes various observation stations for forensics, gas filling, humidity, compression, volatile fog and thermal cycling.

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EnerEDGE Warm-Edge Spacer

EnerEDGE warm-edge spacer is backed by Tremco's 50-year fenestration industry expertise including all facets of the IG and window unit plus the window-to-wall connection — from spacers and gaskets to tapes and sealants. Learn more about why EnerEDGE is your inside edge to performance and savings.

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AAMA Industry Certification

Tremco is one of the original associate members of the American Manufacturers Association (AAMA), TremGlaze sealants, extruded tapes and gaskets are interdependently tested and approved as verified components for use in AAMA certified products.

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