Matacryl Ready Rep

Matacryl Ready Rep is a rapid-curing, flowable concrete repair and reprofiling mortar. Based on PUMA technology, it provides waterproof repair and patching and tenacious bonding to concrete, steel and asphalt.

Basic Uses
  • Patch repairs on roads and bridges
  • Reprofiling of edge joints
  • Setting or repair of drains, manhole covers and other road structures
  • Gap and trench filling on bridge decks
  • Repair of ramps and turning circles

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How fast does Matacryl Ready Rep set?

    Matacryl Ready Rep installs at any temperature and sets rapidly, typically within 60 minutes.

  • What surface preparation is required?

    Prior to applying Matacryl Ready Rep, a suitable Matacryl Primer, including sanding when appropriate, must be applied. When used with asphalt, the damaged asphalt should be square cut to the depth of solid concrete. For best results, the square cuts should be inclined so that the square opening is smaller than the square bottom.