Matacryl WS - Vehicular Bridge

Bridge deck waterproofing and wear surface

Matacryl WS - Vehicular bonds with the substrate and provides a sealed wear layer in combination with a flexible, crack-bridging membrane for skid resistance and long surface life. 

Typical system build includes:

  1. Matacryl Primer CM on substrate
  2. Matacryl Membrane Layer
  3. Matacryl STC Adhesion Coat Layer
  4. Matacryl WL/WLV Wearing Coat Layer 1
  5. Matacryl WL/WLV Wearing Coat Layer 2
  6. Matacryl STC Seal Coat Layer

Basic Uses
  • New bridge construction
  • Routine maintenance
  • Bridge restoration applications

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is the Matacryl WS system applied?

    The Matacryl WS system has components that can be applied manually or by spray equipment. Contact for application instructions.

  • What color options are available?

    Color is possible in the WS system by using colored aggregate or pigmented seal layer (STC with RAL tint). These options are shown in the WS System Build Sheets. For more information, contact