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Matacryl WPM

Bridge deck waterproofing under asphalt

The Matacryl WPM system bonds with the substrate and asphalt overlay to enhance and extend bridge service life. A second, bitumen-based tack coat layer may be used when required by specification. 

Typical system build includes:

  1. Matacryl Primer CM on substrate
  2. Matacryl Membrane Layer
  3. Matacryl STC Tack Coat Layer

Basic Uses
  • New bridge construction
  • Routine maintenance
  • Bridge rehabilitation where tolerant of uneven surface profiles

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is the Matacryl WPM system applied?

    The Matacryl WPM system has components that can be applied manually or by spray equipment. Contact for application instructions.

  • Our application is in a hot climate. Do any adjustments need to be made?

    For hot climates or thin asphalt specifications, a second tack coat layer can be used – Matacryl Tack Coat No. 1. See the WPM System Build Sheet for more information. 

  • What certifications does Matacryl WPM carry?

    Matacryl WPM components are ASTM certified for performance characteristics. In addition, Matacryl WPM Systems are certified compliant with HAPAS requirements for performance and durability – Guidelines for the Assessment and Certification of Waterproofing systems for Use on Concrete Decks of Highway Bridges Sections 5 and 8 by the British Board of Agrément.