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Proglaze® II

Multi-Component, Neutral-Cure, Silicone Sealant for Structural Glazing

Proglaze® II is a multi-component, high-modulus silicone sealant consisting of a white base and a black curing agent that, when mixed through a pump, cures to a tough, flexible rubber.

Basic Uses
  • Proglaze II is developed specifically for in-plant, 2- and 4-sided structural glazing and curtain wall applications where shortened cure time reduces glazing/sealing production time.
  • All structural glazing applications must be reviewed and approved by Tremco Technical Services.
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  • What type of glazing materials does Tremco provide to the glazing market?

    Tremco manufactures and sells a variety of silicone sealants such as Spectrem 1, Spectrem 2, Proglaze SSG, Proglaze II. In addition, Tremco offers a wide variety of standard and custom extruded rubber products (EPDM, neoprene, silicone and thermoplastics), shimmed and unshimmed butyl tapes, and foamed urethane tapes.

  • What is in-plant structural glazing and how does it differ from field structural glazing?

    In-plant structural glazing is the process of assembling a structural glazing assembly in a factory environment. Usually the assemblies are sealed with a 2-part meter mix silicone sealant which is characterized by a fast chemical cure. Sealants applied in this manner develop sufficient cure so that the units can be moved to the jobsite within 24 hrs. Tremco's 2-part silicone sealant, Proglaze II, is specifically designed for this type of application.
    Field Structural Glazing involves installation of the infill into the frame in the field. The glass panel and approved structural silicone glazing sealants and glazing accessories are applied on-site. Single-component, moisture cure silicone sealants are typically used in these applications. Cure rate of these sealants is dependent on the temperature, humidity and depth of the silicone sealant required. Complete cure of a 1/4-inch-deep (6mm) silicone bead can take approximately two weeks with this type of sealant. Glass retainers are used to temporarily stabilize and secure the assembly until the silicone sealant has completely cured. Tremco provides two structural silicone sealants, Spectrem 2 and Proglaze SSG, approved for these applications.

  • What are the requirements for a structural silicone sealant?

    A structural silicone sealant must, as a minimum, meet ASTM C1184 in order to qualify as a tensile or weatherseal sealant in Structural Glazing Applications. Spectrem 2, Proglaze SSG and Proglaze II meet the minimum performance criteria as listed in this specification.