TREMGard HB is a high-build, fiber reinforced, water-based, acrylic wall coating formulated to provide a tough, durable, flexible, and breathable film protection for concrete and masonry surfaces. TREMGard HB can be applied in a single coat up to 32 wet mils and can be used to bridge cracks.

Basic Uses
  • Exterior and interior above-grade substrates
  • Concrete, cast-in-place or pre-cast
  • Concrete masonry units (CMU)
  • Previously painted masonry
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS)
  • Stucco
  • Can be used on metal and PVC with TREMprime Non-Porous Primer
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is primer required?
    • TREMGard H/P Primer is required:
      • When the surface of the substrate is between 90°F - 120°F (32°C – 49°C)
      • For denser concrete surfaces such as precast and poured in place
      • Primarily used for EIFS and previously painted masonry
    • TREMGard Masonry Primer is recommended:
      • For use on porous concrete for performance and aesthetic purposes
        • Fills in small defects and substrate imperfections
        • Decreases the amount of material soaked into porous surfaces
      • For use on porous concrete as a block filler, primarily on CMU, brick, and stucco
    • Primer is required when the pH of the substrate is greater than 12. All of the primers will act as a buffer to higher alkaline substrates and help prevent coating “burn out”
    • An adhesion test should be performed to determine is metal primer is necessary. Contact Tremco Tech Services for testing.
  • What applications are not acceptable for an acrylic, elastomeric coating?
    • Below-grade applications
    • Buildings that have moisture dry from the inside of the building
    • Traffic bearing surfaces
    • In areas where ponding water can occur
  • What sealants can be used under TREMGard HB?
    • The approved detail sealant is Tremco’s Dymonic®100 polyurethane sealant
    • Sealant should be skinned over before coating with an elastomeric coating
  • What temperature range can the coating be applied at?
    • Between 50°F dry and rising and up to 120°F (10°C – 49C°)
    • Temperatures between 90°F - 120°F (32°C – 49°C) will require TREMGard H/P Primer
  • What are the recommended surface preparation procedures?

    Surface to be coated should be structurally sound, clean, free of dust, oil, and/or contaminants that would prevent the bond of the coating to the substrate. For more details regarding surface preparation, please see TREMGard HB Application Instructions

  • Does an existing coating need to be removed before re-coating?

    An ASTM D3359 Method A adhesion test would need to be performed to determine adhesion of coating(s) on the substrate. For more details, refer to TREMGard HB Application Instructions

  • Is mixing required before application?
    • Yes, mixing is required to ensure uniform color and smooth consistency
    • Do not aerate the coating. A Jiffy style is mixing paddle is recommended
    • If multiple pails will be required for the application, the contents of each new pail should be mixed into partially used pails to ensure color consistency. Repeat this procedure (boxing) throughout the project
  • Are two coats required?

    Only when the substrate requires it due to absorption. An additional layer of the coating should be applied to achieve a total minimum 12 – 16 dry film thickness

  • How are TREMGard products applied?
    • TREMGard products can be applied in three different methods, sprayed, brushed, or rolled. See TREMGard HB Application instructions for further instruction
      • Spray: A spray rig capable of 3300 psi and flow rate of 2.6 gal/min.
      • Brush: Conventional hand brush
      • Roll: Typical roller size is 3/8” nap. Porous substrates may require heavier nap
  • What are the lead times?
    • 5-day lead time for standard colors
    • 3-week lead time for special color matches
  • What are the special color minimums?

    50 gallons

  • Are samples available?

    Applied samples and quart can samples can be obtained through the Tremco Resource Center

  • Are tinting samples available?

    Tinted samples are available through your customer service representative

  • What packaging sizes are available?
    • 5-gallon pails
    • 52-gallon drums by request