ExoAir TWF

Self-Adhered Thru-Wall Flashing Membrane

ExoAir® TWF (Thru-Wall Flashing) is a 40-mil (1.0 mm) composite sheet designed for use as a thru-wall flashing. It is comprised of 32 mils (.80 mm) of self-adhering SBS rubberized asphalt laminated to an 8 mil (.20 mm) cross-laminated, high density, polyethylene film with a siliconized release liner.

Basic Uses
  • ExoAir TWF is typically installed in cavity wall construction on substrates such as masonry, metal, concrete, gypsum and wood substrates.
  • ExoAir TWF transitions from ExoAir 110 Self-Adhered Air and Vapor Barrier, ExoAir 120 and ExoAir 130 Fluid Applied Air and Vapor Retarder Membranes and ExoAir 220 and ExoAir 230 Fluid Applied Vapor Permeable Membrane to areas that require a masonry flashing material.

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Projects Using ExoAir TWF

Needham, MA

Needham Public Library

The beautiful Needham Public Library was originally built in 1915. As the town grew over the years, the library was bursting at the seams. Periodic remodeling was not sufficient to keep up with the growth and took away from the beauty of this historic building.